SnPro 2019


The SNPRO Festival Team



Preparation of the multimedia design of the SNPRO EXPO festival 2018 and 2019


We designed the festival in 2018 and 2019, the very fact that from year to year we are trusted with the design of the festival says that we are able to do it well) Here we will simply attach the feedback of our Client, the organizer of this festival: "My name is Katya, I am the organizer of the festival of healthy lifestyle and sports SN pro expo forum. Very cool,in fact, I want to say that every event always lacks an emotional note, this is the most important thing. And when you are working on branding and content, it is very important that there is a contractor who can feel your philosophy, feel the message that you want to convey to your audience. Such a contractor is often very difficult to find. But I am very glad that I was able to find it in the face of FoxMotion. And I believe that we managed to recreate the atmosphere that we wanted to recreate through video content, to charge the festival with some bright additional emotion and, of course, with the help of content, to convey a certain message of ours: to charge for healthy lifestyle, for sports, for motivation and energy."Katerina Skachek, organizer of the SNPRO festival


Art Director: Ekaterina Lyudskaya

Producer: Philip Fedan

CG artists: Matvey Gerasimov, Pyotr Logunov, Konstantin Korotkov, Denis Kirpu

Running time: 10 minutes

Implementation: 4 weeks

Year: 2019 more projects

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