Film company "Amedia"


Preparation of multimedia content for the exhibition stand.


A photo zone of LED screens was chosen as a stand. As a rule, this type of reproducing equipment is known for the fact that” stitching " the floor and walls is an interesting task, because the resolutions of the floor and side walls are different.

We sewed both different screens and different resolutions, because our company has many years of experience working with 2D and 3D graphics, including with non-standard resolutions or screen surfaces.

If we talk about creative content , the task was divided into 2 parts: decorating the scenery and creating an animated screensaver.

The task of creating a screensaver is a good challenge, everyone has seen the "Amedia" screensaver many times in different films and TV series, respectively, we had to do better than what everyone is used to.

According to the Client, everything worked out for us. And this is the main thing.

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